why oh why
looking back fondly Why Minako?

 Why another shrine to Minako/Sailorvenus? Simple enough. A few years ago, [June 1, 1999] I watched my first episode of Sailor Moon [yes, DiC] so I'd know what was going to be talked about when my friend Chanelle showed up from Florida. [Net friend, yes] It was the one where they go ice skating, in case you wondered.
  Anywho, I wasn't all that impressed at first, but something stuck with me. I'm not sure what though. I looked up some stuff so I could have something, if I was desperate, to talk about with Nelle. It never came to that but I learned a bit, like about the Outer Senshi, at least by sight. As time went on, I found some SM cards to give to Nelle, and suddenly... I realized I was hooked. I also realized Nelle was Sailormoon incarnate.

 Time wore on and I learned more and more and the happy blonde one without the odango began to shine for me. My friends Ari and Cass took a liking to the show while at their grandmother's, and soon became fans of Mars and Jupiter respectively. It was only a matter of time before my net addiction became fuel for my Sailor Moon addiction.
 Soon my attention fell on character shrines, and how few good ones there were for Venus. There were some excellent ones, yes, but the same can be said for all the other senshi and even the villians! So anyway, I decided, after I made another site, that I would make this one. I hope you enjoy it, I really do. Please email me with any comments, I will try to email back. Promise, even if it takes me awhile. Guestbooks are cool too. If you hate my site, tell me what to change. If you love it, tell me why!

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